Truffle Kerfuffle launch at Bib and Tucker

When it comes to the world's most prestigious and expensive ingredients, there's a list that features the likes of beluga caviar, matsutake mushrooms, jamon iberico de bellota and of course, truffles. But unlike the other ingredients, we're extremely fortunate in Western Australia that we have at our doorstep the largest producing region in the southern hemisphere for these delicious delicacies. And because we in this great state like to do things in style, there's an entire event dedicated to truffles!

Called the Truffle Kerfuffle, 2014 is the fourth year for this celebrated event which will feature lunches and dinners, a truffle hunt and masterclasses. You can find out more on Truffle Kerfuffle on their website - it's coming up soon so get your tickets for the weekend of 27-29 June as soon as you can!

Bib & Tucker

Bib & Tucker

As a bit of a truffle fanatic you can imagine my excitement at being invited by creative agency The Peach & Pineapple Co to a launch party for Truffle Kerfuffle held at Bib & Tucker in Fremantle. A big resounding yes was my response!

The weather has been so bitingly cold lately, especially for my weak temperature tolerance so my boy Jeremy and I rugged up and made the drive down the coast. We're still yet to formally eat at Bib & Tucker, though we did get to try some of their dishes at Taste of Perth - and yes, they were yummy!

Wines on offer

Starting the night out with some lovely wine

Arriving at the event I can see it's a great mix of Perthites, foodies and official attendees including the Minister for Agriculture. There's also Bib & Tucker's owner Eamon Sullivan and of course the chef of the house, Scott Bridger who designed the menu for the evening which is to showcase the truffle in all it's glory.

For those of you who don't like or just aren't sure what the fuss is about with truffles - you need to go in with an open mind... and the place you go in needs to be one that produces good food. It's a delicate balance. You need to find that happy place where the truffle acts as a flavour enhancer and palate stimulator instead of overriding your senses which can happen if there's too much. Here at Bib & Tucker, there was just enough!

Beef tartare

Beef tartare

The first dish to come out of the kitchen was a lovely light beef tartare - soft, slightly toasted bread topped with tender meat, onion, herbs and slithers of truffle. The taste is subtle, and the texture is lovely and light. I love a good tartare and this one was a nice introduction to the truffle for the evening. 

It was hard to get a try of the dish though! I had to flag down a waiter, I think they were just so popular everyone was jumping onto them. I don't blame them either. 

Jerusalem artichoke soup

My favourite canapé for the night is definitely the second to be distributed amongst the attendees. Jerusalem artichoke soup with shaved truffles and a gruyere and truffle matchstick. Yum.

When it first went round to the group I was too busy talking to realise. Quickly turning my attention to fellow food blogger, The Food Pornographer, I asked her how it was. She replied - GOOD! Get one! And so quickly I ducked through the crowd to come back with a serving for myself and Jeremy to enjoy... and I'm so glad I did.

The soup is hot and creamy; extremely comforting on a cold winter's night and with just the right amount of truffle included. I would gladly order this time and time again - hopefully we might just see Bib & Tucker add it to the menu? (Hopefully this isn't just wishful thinking!)

Marron brioche sliders

The marron brioche sliders are my boy's favourite for the evening. After all, who doesn't love a good buttery brioche! I know it's definitely my weakness in the bread world...

Bib & Tucker's version was light and creamy, with the sweet marron left to shine as the hero of the dish but the truffle still resonating through. I like the little touch of baking a shaving of truffle into the top of the bun, it's just a small but welcome element that once again highlights the reason we are here on this evening.

You can see that good quality produce is something that reins supreme here at this iconic Fremantle restaurant, and it shows in every mouthful. Something I know myself and other "foodies" really appreciate.

Viva the truffle dog

While food is always at the forefront of my mind, I have to admit my heart was stolen after the speeches and formalities by truffle dog, Viva. If you know anything about me, you'll know I love animals and in particular dogs.

Watching this gorgeous 13 year old dog sniff varying boxes to unearth the truffle infused towel was an entertaining and exciting pastime and it was great to see just how much love and respect her owner bestowed upon her. I got to give her a big cuddle later and she's just as stunning up close as she is from afar.

Truffle and potato pizza

Truffle and potato pizza

I could smell the pizzas before they even began to circulate the crowd. The heady scent coming from the restaurant's pizza oven as utterly mouth-watering, enticing me over to watch as generous shavings of black truffle were topped onto potato pizzas.

I suspect the use of some truffle oil too as the aroma was strong and the taste definitely the most distinct of truffles for the night. It was just what I was wanting - a little more substantial and while basic flavours, definitely delicious. I love potato on pizza, and this one was melt in your mouth.

Gluten free pizza

Spending time with fellow blogger Chomp Chomp, I was pleased to see that the kitchen produced some gluten free pizzas for her specifically. Having food intolerances can be difficult at the best of times, let alone when you're at an event dedicated to food - and you're a food blogger!

She was kind enough to share some slices with us, and I have to take my hat off to Bib & Tucker - you couldn't even begin to tell it was a gluten free base. It was biscuity, crisp and just as moorish as the normal pizza. I was more than happy to gobble my piece down!

And while many of us bloggers rave about egg porn, you have to admit how good does that string of cheese look above! These pizzas were definitely cheesy and food porny. A real treat!

Beef tortellini

Our final canapé for the evening is the beef and truffle tortellini. A generous spoonful encasing wonderfully al dente pasta with some crisp bites on top for added texture. Pasta is definitely the way to mine and Jeremy's hearts, and this was a great way to finish out our night.

While we could have stood around chatting forever, we called it a night soon after. It was a great celebration of truffles, and to launch the upcoming Truffle Kerfuffle so a big thank you for this invitation to the Peach and Pineapple Co, Bib and Tucker and Truffle Kerfuffle. An even bigger thank you for the generous goody bag that I got to take home featuring truffle salt and truffle oil. Mmmmm!

If you'd like to read more about the Truffle Kerfuffle launch party and see photos from the night, here's a great WA Today article. You might even see me in one of the pics with my boy! Otherwise I hope you make the trip to Manjimup and help celebrate what I hope is an event that will continue for many years to come.

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  1. I think I know what trick to teach Daisy next!! Sniff our truffles~!!

  2. I'm not sure why but your blog loads weirdly for me on firefox now =( It's all html and the post comes a lot later down the page...

  3. Thanks for letting me know! Is it fixed now? I think I messed up the html coding when I was updating some content! x

  4. Haha that would be wonderful! Make sure you share some of the truffles with me :D

  5. yep! everything is back to normal now...phew!

  6. Had such a lovely night chatting with you and J. Thanks for staying back so I could finish binging on my GF pizza and the oil you gave me has already gone to good use. I even tried it on my banana bread this morning.....

  7. It was great to catch up!! :) and our pleasure to keep you company, I was just happy they catered for your gluten intolerance. LOL how did it taste on the banana bread? I used my truffle salt on my eggs this morning :)

  8. It was amazing. But then I am a little obsessed. Unfortunately the whole loaf of banana bread didn't even last 24 hours....