Take away from Feast, Nedlands

Doing a spot of shopping last weekend at the beautiful Coco & Lola with my best friend Carly we spied a bustling cafe next door called Feast. While shopping was definitely our first stop, we were both keen to also visit Feast to grab some takeaway for dinner that night.  

We both choose an order of the Lamb Suffre. It's a filo pastry pie with silver beet, spinach, feta and spiced lamb mince. I take it home and later on that night after a quick crank of the oven to get that pastry flaky and hot, it's time to eat!

I'm going to try and replicate this dish! The filo pastry is golden and crisp, the layers of filling chocked full of flavour. I love the tomatoey lamb mince which is tender and juicy, the feta is salty and creamy. I'm a big fan of silver beet so it's an ingredient I greatly appreciate having inside this.

While I only got one small taste of Feast's menu offering, it was a great one. I'm really looking forward to going back next time I'm at Coco & Lola (soon I'm sure) to try more of what they have to offer. What a lovely takeaway to enjoy at home!

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