17 May 2013

A great share dining experience at The Brisbane Hotel, Northbridge

I eat at The Brisbane Hotel a lot. It makes perfect sense considering how close I work to there and the fact that the food is actually pretty nice despite the fact that it's basically a fancy pub. So it was actually to my own surprise when I realised that although I have eaten there so many times, I have not actually blogged on the place.

This week I found myself at The Brisbane with some work colleagues as we celebrated the end of a big project we'd been working on with a nice meal. Since work has been so busy leading up to the end of financial year it was a nice excuse to get out and spend time in a more social setting.

The table is full and there's different dishes ordered for lunch including a fantastic sounding rigatoni with slow cooked beef cheek and tomato ragu that's a popular pick. I eye the linguine with prawns, garlic, chilli and spinach since I've had it there before but in the end one colleague suggests to me that we order some of the share dishes since we're both partial to tapas style eating. It definitely sounded good to me!

I suggest we go for the Chicken Liver Parfait with Fig Chutney and Toasted Baguette Slices ($15.80). We both agree on the Pumpkin & Feta Arancini ($13.80) as an option and he picks the board with Chorizo, Olives, Chicken Meatballs and Polenta Crisps ($19.80). As our waitress walks away he adds on the Pizza Bianca with Rosemary and Sea Salt ($8.80) even though we know it's going to be too much food. Thankfully there's plenty of people at the table who we know will happily eat some of our dishes when they finish their own.

The chicken liver parfait comes out first and I'm pleased with how nice it tastes. The consistency is creamy and the flavour slightly sweet but exactly as you would expect it to be. I love the fig chutney which is a different type of accompaniment than you usually find - it's jammy and sweet and there's little popping seeds throughout. Very yummy! The baguette slices are crisp on the outside and doughy in the centre - the ideal vessel for spreading the parfait.

The arancini here is definitely the best I've had anywhere. It's a must have if you ever dine at The Brisbane. The pumpkin combined with rice is sticky and gooey; the breading on the outside crunchy. There's a little cube of feta in the centre which has melted in the frying process and seeps into the rice with great purpose. It's just the perfect mouthful.

The board that we order is a nice choice - I particularly like the chorizo which has a light kick to it and isn't as crisp as you often find chorizo slices with tapas. The polenta chips are gold and starchy; the texture crumbly but retaining its shape. They work well with the parfait - though that might seem like a strange thing to mix!

And finally there's our last second order, the pizza bianca. How fantastic! It's rustic and generous; the sprinkling of rosemary and sea salt plentiful. I love the saltiness and slight oiliness that accompanies each bite. It's actually a really great, moorish snack. Simple food can really be so surprisingly wonderful.

Our meal at The Brisbane Hotel was short but sweet, though I basically had to roll myself out of there afterward. It was great quality food as a decent price. I know I'll be back since I'm always here, so I guess all I need to say is if you go, please try those yummy arancini.

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  1. I am also a big fan of the Brissie. The food and services are always miles ahead of the Queens in standards. Strangely enough I haven't blogged about it either despite being there so many times!

    1. Have you tried the Boulevard in Floreat? It's meant to be the same owners which has me pretty curious! It's on that ever long list to try :)