Fried chicken for breakfast at Miss Kitty's Saloon

What's better than having a great dinner somewhere? Having a great breakfast! The meal of champions, the best of the day and everything else you can think of saying to epitomise just how wonderful a good breakfast can be.

Jeremy and I had discussed going out for breakfast the night before, but then we decided to sleep in and then get up for a late start. The timing didn't suit most breakfast places, but after our great dinner at Miss Kitty's Saloon a couple weeks ago, we had been chatting about stopping by to try their brunch menu.
We arrive and are seated straight away - the crowd definitely seems to be more intense at nighttime. By day it's much more relaxed, the vibe chilled and the aromas as wonderful as you would expect from a place with an open kitchen and some great sounding menu items.

I order an orange juice to start off with and Jeremy goes for the bottomless iced tea. My juice comes out and I notice with a sigh of disappointment that it isn't freshly squeezed. Damn. I know it's such a small detail but to me, fresh orange juice is one of the little joys in life.

Jeremy's iced tea is lovely though. It comes out in an adorable presentation, deep dark brown liquid filling a mason jar, accompanied by slices of orange. The taste is great - you can tell they make this themselves, it has a strong tea flavour without an overly sugary aftertaste. It lasts the entirety of our meal, which is saying a lot as we both usually down our drinks way too quickly.

The menu offerings all sound incredible. This is a place that calls out to my heart. I mean seriously, they serve foie gras on toast! Yummmmmmm.

Jeremy picks his dish straight away - the Chicken & Waffles with Sweet Chilli ($19.00).  The waffle is crisp but slightly doughy; the chicken completely crunchy on the outside and steamingly tender on the inside.

There's great flavour as well as a nice combination of textures. The sweet chilli is homemade, and has the right balance of flavours without being cloyingly sweet. He's still raving about it all this time later!

For my dish (though the foie gras is calling me), I choose the Stone Baked Mushroom Tart with Egg and Hollandaise ($14). It comes out as pretty as a picture and I'm pleased to see that the hollandaise is looking as buttery and silky as it should!

Before I explain how great each element of the dish was, I have to tell you this is probably my favourite breakfast dish to date. Massive call I know. But when you pair amazing elements together like this one did, it's easy to see why.

The mushrooms are chunky and have a decent level of firmness to them - they're not slimy or overcooked. They're slightly toothsome and are scattered around the plate. Then there's the tart. A round of flaky, buttery pastry topped with the most incredible onion jam, poached egg and hollandaise sauce. Yum. Yum. Yum!

Any meal that includes pastry is good by me to start off with, and this one really hits the mark. The onion jam is caramelized and gooey; sweet and slightly tart. And my egg, I am extremely happy to report, is perfectly poached. It spills out onto the plate with one prod of my fork, coating the other ingredients and binding them all together.

When all elements are finished, we are both left raving about how fantastic this place was for brunch. I love that as we're eating, our waitress drops off a bowl of orange slices for us to cleanse our palates at the end of the meal. A small little token that goes a long way! I can only say great things about the brunch menu at Miss Kitty's. It's smart, sassy and boasts flavour combinations unfound elsewhere.

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  1. You HAVE to go back and try their ribs. To die for. Seriously

    1. I am hating life right now. Ribs. RIIIIBBBBBBBSSSSS. I don't know why we didn't get them, even though I was staring at them on the menu for ages.