Treats for all ages from Baby Cakes, Tuart Hill

This blog post is going to be short but sweet - sweet just like Tuart Hill's cupcakery, Baby Cakes.

I've heard of this place from a few friends who know my love of cupcakes, but never made it down to their little establishment even though it's close to my beautician. Though it has been on my wishlist for awhile, it turned out I wouldn't need to venture here - the cupcakes would come to me.

My team at work has just successfully finished the biggest project of our working lives to date, so on our completion date our digital agency very kindly brought us some congratulatory cupcakes to celebrate. Sugar was very much welcome after the hours we'd been working!

The cupcakes I tried were:
  • the pink frosting with the star - it was a berry cupcake with a sugary buttercream icing that was extremely sweet but really enjoyable. The fresh berries inside the cake elevated the flavour profile and made it almost tart to cut through the sugar
  • the chocolate mud cake with chocolate icing and curl - I brought this one home for Jeremy and he gave me a small bite. It's rich and extremely chocolatey. A chocoholics dream!
  • and the lemon meringue cupcake. Yes I know I had two cupcakes in one day - but I don't care because this one was my favourite by far. The cake is light and spongy; the lemon curd sour and sweet at the same time in the kind of way that makes your mouth ache because your tastebuds are so engaged. I loved the meringue mound on top that is fluffy and crisp.
All up, I have to say Baby Cakes was pretty great. What I do like about them is that they have a wide variety of flavours outside of your standard flavours; and they offer different toppings from buttercream to cream cheese to thicker chocolate icing. The presentation is beautiful and the cakes themselves are feather light and melt in your mouth.

What a wonderful delivery to have brought to our work. A delicious delivery that is!

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