21 January 2013

Taking away Is Donburi, Northbridge

Say the word Japanese to me on a rumbly tummy and my eyes will one hundred percent of the time light up. And who could blame me when this beloved cuisine can offer so much good in the form of sushi, sashimi, teriyaki, teppanyaki oh wait I'm getting a little drooly from hunger so I'll stop there while thinking about tempura.

On William Street in Northbridge next door to Jus Burgers, a new little Japanese eatery has opened up and caught the attention of workers nearby and any passerbys. So on one particular day this week my colleague and I decided to head that way for some take away lunch from a new venue. It was an extremely hot walk, but when we arrived we were amazed at how efficient the setup of this place is.

At the front is a take away stand stocked with sushi and ngiri options to choose, and inside is an actual restaurant to dine in at.

The price is definitely reasonable. The rolls are thick (one could be a decent lunch, two a big one and you probably shouldn't try three unless you're absolutely starving) and well priced - you can get two for $6 or three for $8. I think for one it's $3.50 or something like that.

My colleagues choose the likes of spicy pork, tuna, teriyaki beef and katsu chicken for their rolls. However I'm in the mood for some sashimi salmon, so I opt for the pack which comes with five ngiri pieces and four mini sushi pieces rolled in black sesame seeds which I think was around the $8 mark. Not as good value as what my colleagues have bought but still pretty good when compared with other venues.

Salmon sashimi and sushi

When I dig in to my lunch back at the office I note that the avocado is a little woody and has started to turn brown just slightly. It's not a massive issue to me, but does put a dampen on the appearance of my meal. The other negative is that the sushi is luke warm. While I wasn't wanting ice cold with rock hard rice, I had hoped for my raw fish to be on the cooler side of things.

However that said, the taste was there. Lovely silky slices of salmon with soft pillows of rice underneath. The black sesame seed rolls were bite sized and delicious though they needed a bit of a punch of flavour but I only noted this as I dont like packet wasabi sauce too much so opted to go without.

All in all, for the price this place is a definite gem. I'm keen to go back and try the extremely reasonable hand rolls as I heard the spicy pork one was delicious. It's a wallet friendly destination that I'll be back at soon enough I'm sure.

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