The shock of jarred hollandaise from Dome, Subiaco

In all the main hotspots in Perth, there seems to be a Dome cafe nearby these days. They serve the masses with breakfast, lunch and dinner - a variety of dishes that don't really wow but taste acceptable I guess for a chain of this size.

Since I had an appointment in Subiaco within the hour we'd arrived, Jeremy and I decided to make a quick pit stop at Dome for breakfast. The alternatives around us were a bit too busy and we didn't think of going to the markets until it was too late (damn that would have been delicious).

The menu is pretty extensive, but we both pick something simple to gobble down and be on our way with a drink. Ice lemon tea for me (from the bottle so nice but nothing I couldn't buy from the shops) and a banana smoothie for Jeremy, which he says was nice, light and frothy. So far so good.

For his dish, Jeremy chooses the Big Breakfast Wrap. It's a toasted wrap that has spinach, fried eggs, crispy bacon and HP sauce. It comes with a side of tomato relish. The outside of the wrap is crispy on the outside and soft in the centre. The fillings all work together in harmony and though I know Dome gets a bad rep often, this dish is actually pretty nice. It's comforting and delicious and so simple. Was it worth it's $14ish price tag? Probably not but nonetheless it was a nice enough way to start off our breakfast.

For my dish, I choose the poached eggs and thick cut toast. Alongside I get some hollandaise sauce for my eggs, and a serving of hash browns for both of us to share.

The eggs are watery which is gross, but outside of that they are poached perfectly. As I slice into the egg, the vividly orange yolk spills out all over my plate. My buttery toast and hash brown swipe into the yolk and I mop it up greedily.

The hollandaise sauce is definitely from a jar. It tastes pretty bland and unexciting which is disappointing though I guess I should have expected as much. I end up leaving it so that I can concentrate on the good things on my plate.

Like the hash browns. They're crunchy and starchy but moist inside. Such a naughty breakfast item but they taste good I don't care! However that said, there wasn't too much difference to the kind of hash browns you can buy from McDonalds or other fast food places.

Our breakfast at Dome Subiaco was one with pretty fast and polite service, and great surroundings. The food was definitely average but on the plus side I made it to my appointment on time (and with a little to spare). Will I return? Probably not, I guess I'm not much for the appeal of these mass chains after all.

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  1. Wish they served free range eggs at Dome Cafes

  2. Thanks for sharing this - it must have been a horrible experience! There really isn't much else that I can hate more than restaurants that profess to be fresh but actually take their consumables ready made from storage! It's a disgrace!