1 December 2012

Breathtaking breakfast at Duende, Leederville

If you know me at all or have read my previous post on Duende, this is one of my favourite restaurants in Perth. Easily. I love the eclectic Spanish decor and the funky alternating menu. The drinks or delicious and it's the perfect spot in Leederville for a spot of people watching.

I dine here often enough for dinner or late night supper; but have only eaten breakfast here once long ago. So it made perfect sense when Jeremy and I awoke early this morning that we make the best of our Sunday and go out for breakfast. I let him choose, and his immediate suggestion was Duende. Hell yes, what a great idea.

We arrived around 9am, noting the line out the door at Sayers across the road and yet some empty tables at Duende. Curious that this happens - if only the people knew that if they didn't want to wait there is something equally good across the road.

The waitress greets us as we enter, advising us to take a seat wherever we like since they have no bookings. Around the same time, other diners enter and occupy the tables around us, filling the place with a happy morning buzz.

The breakfast menu looks delicious; with all different offerings that are incredibly tempting. However no matter which item I consider, I find myself to continually go back to the Crab and Chorizo Omelette ($19). It seems my mind has been made up, so I place my order with the waitress and also ask for a side of feta ($3) which they're all too happy to organise for me - even offering to have it mixed into the omelette too if I prefer.

Crab and chorizo omelette

The omelette comes out and I can't help but grin immediately. It's huge! Much bigger than the little omeletter Jeremy recently had at West End Deli. It comes with two thick cuts of toast, some butter to spread a sprinkling of chives. I reach for my knife and fork (which comes in the most adorable paella rice bag) and dive in.

The omelette is amazing. It's soft and yolky on the inside but has a firmness to the outside holding it all in. The eggs are extremely flavoursome and there's been a good amount of seasoning applied to enhance the taste. As I make my way through it, I discover that the use of chorizo has released some deliciously spicy oils throughout and also has elevated the overall dish. And then I remember there's crab in here. So much crab to be exact! Each bite contains some of the translucent flesh; with actual legs and chunks appearing here and there. For this price, I have to say I am wowed by how much crab there was throughout. And with my little dish of feta, I munch away happily - opting to steer clear of the bread because I want to make sure I finish my omelette.

Cutlery bag

To accompany the food, both Jeremy and I choose a freshly squeezed orange juice. This is a place I always need to order the juice. It's fresh, pulpy and both sweet and sour at the same time. It's actual juice and it is just so refreshing and satisfying I can never get past it.

Orange juice

For his main, Jeremy chooses the Merguez Sausage ($19), which comes with scrambled organic eggs, roasted roma tomato and a really delicious tomato relish. Like my dish, it has two slices of bread on side and a nice sprinkling of chives over the eggs.

Merguez sausage

I can always tell when he's happy with food because silence ensues as his eyes light up with each bite. After we finished he told me that this is the best breakfast dish he thinks he's ever eaten, which to me says alot!

The merguez sausage is spicy and you can really taste the chilli and harissa used throughout. The relish is oily but works perfectly - it's not too sweet so when you combine all ingredients into one bite they are so complimentary. The roasted tomato is salty and sweet and the eggs are deliciously fluffy. I can see why he's fallen so in love with this meal.

I have to say, Duende really delivers outstanding food each and every time I come here. There's nothing I can critique and there's no one that I don't rave about this place to. Ten out of ten, every single time.

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    1. It's one of those places you just have to love :) you can't resist!


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