12 December 2012

A type of cattle and a steakhouse called Bos Taurus, Mount Lawley

There's something special about going to a restaurant for the first time. There's the way your eyes analyse each and every detail of the decor as you step inside; the way your so alert of each and every smell and object around you.

Bos Taurus definitely draws this kind of reaction from you.

Situated on Beaufort Street near Five Bar and down the round from the Queens; here it sits with its plain Jane grey frontage and wide open windows that show you all there is to see inside. The decor is quite beautiful - leather couches and wooden furnishings, with oil wick candles providing the light at each table.

I'm here with my friends Jay, Linda and Vee for our final "family dinner" for the year. Some are off travelling over the Christmas break and the rest of us are in savings mode for things like houses, extended holidays and a wedding. So we settle in, admiring the decor and the leather bound menus and industrial sized steak knives. There's a lot to chat about, plus we have our Secret Santa presents to exchange so while we peruse the menu, we also enjoy the complimentary ciabatta bread and butter our waitress puts down on our table.

The bread is delicious! It's slightly warm; crunchy on the outside and soft in the centre. The butter is a bit too cold for my liking though tastes great - it's a little hard to spread (though if you're like me, you just put a big chunk on and eat it like cheese... yes I have a butter problem). Like I've said a few times, I'm so happy when you get bread given at restaurants - it's a cheap but ideal way to get your customers off to a good start with their dining experience.

Iced coffee

Linda also orders an iced coffee ($7) to enjoy before our food which she declares absolutely amazing. It's creamy and decadent and comes in a sky high glass that warrants the pricey tag associated with it.

Our waitress gives us a decent amount of time before taking our orders; respecting our slightly too loud laughter and conversation. We decide to skip entrees and go straight to mains, which I'm so glad we did because I struggled with my main as it was!

Pork ribs

Since it's a steakhouse, most of us go for steak for our meal choices. Vee and I both opt for the 200gram porterhouse ($26.50) with mushroom sauce. She orders a side of mash potato ($6) and I choose the chips ($6) after some coaxing from Linda. Jay gets the 300gram scotch fillet ($35) with a side of mash. Linda swings in another direction though and gets the pork ribs 500grams ($30.50) with a side of mash potato that she offers to share with me in return for chips. Works for me!

Porterhouse steak

The lighting is really dark in here so excuse the dim and slightly grainy photos. But hopefully you can see the food well enough!

The thing I'm a bit undecided on about the menu is that you have to pay for sides separately here. You can see that things could easily escalate to an expensive night out with this style of set up. But that said, we kept it relatively simple so we didn't really need to worry about this.

My steak was cooked rare and cooked just right. Normally I have a tendency to order eye fillet when out but on a whim I settled on the porterhouse. The meat is tender and fresh but has a bit of sinew running through it that gets stuck in my teeth and doesn't yield to the knife when trying to cut it. I think all my years of being spoilt with great cuts of steak has left me unprepared for moments like this. I find myself unable to swallow a few gristly bits and have to politely pull them from my mouth to be left on the side of my plate.


The mushroom sauce is really great. It's creamy and full of flavour, and works perfectly with the meat. The centre of our table has some complimentary condiments on offer in the form of rock salt, chilli flakes and a couple others I didn't test out. The chilli flakes are particularly delicious and in my predictable fashion I scatter a liberal helping over my steak to add some fire to my meal.

Mash potato

The mash potato comes out as a rather large serving, scattered with chives on top. It's silky and almost stretchy in texture; creamy and buttery. I never like to find myself wowed by mashed potatoes since I can make them at home but these are pretty phenomenal. They taste even better when adding some of the thick mushroom sauce with them.

The chips are also impressive - crunchy on the outside and doughy inside. They're oily but not in a gross way, and they are so satisfyingly salty. A little bit on the naughty side but yummy!


When we finally finished our main meals, all hopes of trying the mars bar sundae for dessert were completely dashed. We were FULL! But it was a mostly enjoyable meal; the sides and accompaniments in particular making it memorable.

While I enjoyed my steak, part of me does wonder why at a steakhouse they only had five different cuts on the menu, with no further explanation of where the meat comes from. I like the details that some steakhouses offer, so while it isn't a necessary, it is a pleasantry that suits the market here in Perth since so many of us really do love a great piece of steak. There was also the slight issue that our waitress was incredibly attentive to the two tables around us but hard to call over for ourselves.

That said, our night here was fun and relaxing. The atmosphere is one that puts you at ease and the smells around you are heavenly. It's food porn for the meat lover and worth checking out if you love your meat.

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  1. Massive serve of ribs there! Even in the bad lighting you can see them twinkle!

    1. I know! They were huge and that was the half serve not the 1kg :)

  2. I've been wanting to try Bos Taurus, the ribs do look great - burger boy & I will be def making our way there soon.

    1. Hope you like it :) I'm craving the potatoes haha


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