Degraves delights with Issus, Melbourne

For locals and tourists alike, Degraves Lane in Melbourne is an attractive hotspot that offers a funky, urban alternative to the general hustle and bustle of the CBD.

Since we're only here a few nights, our eating habits are a little off and we found ourselves hungry without lunch at 3 in the afternoon. Cue a quick stop off at a nearby cafe, Issus, in Degraves Lane. It's completely full and bustling, but we manage to steal a table - arriving as a group leaves.

The menu here looks good, and we quickly settle on tortilla chips with guacamole mousse and tomato salsa, eggplant chips with house mayonnaise and a feta & spinach spanakopita.

The tortilla chips are crunchy; shards of fried corn tortillas that remind me of when I used to work at Nandos as a seventeen year old and we would deep-fry the wraps. Ie. they taste delicious! The tomato salsa is vibrant and zingy, fresh and enjoyable. The guacamole mousse is light and foamy and has a great balance of seasoning. 

The eggplant chips are out of this world. Strips of eggplant that have been fried in the most incredibly crisp batter imaginable. It's light like a tempura but something slightly different. The house mayonnaise is garlicy and almost like an aioli; it's creamy and thick. I could have eaten these chips all day. 

The feta & spinach spanakopita is a light and flaky pastry that has a creamy filling and crumbly texture. The side salad is a nice combination of peppery rocket, diced tomato and feta which is just what I had been craving all day. The serving of tzatziki is refreshing and cool. 

For an afternoon snack, Issus definitely delivered what we'd been looking for. One bad thing which I've seen reflected in reviews online is that the service is definitely lacking. There's a carefactor missing and the delivery of items ordered in the manner where they're just plunked down in front of you. But that wasn't enough to ruin our day, the food tasted great and for me, that's the main thing that matters. 

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