Autumn feasting in the Garden, Leederville

On this cool autumn night, Jeremy and I found ourselves with rumbling bellies and a desire for something quick and easy to eat while enjoying a cider or two. Cue the Garden, Leederville's beer garden offering next door to the infamous Leedy Hotel.

It was a busy night, but luckily there's room for us both to squeeze in at the end of one of the long tables the restaurant has set up in three rows inside. The chatter around us is loud and boisterous, but the staff are attentive and quick to provide us with menus and icy cold water.

Our eating experience starts off with the Chorizo with Chick Peas and Tahini Yoghurt ($12). It's pretty delicious. Tender slices of well seasoned chorizo that have a nice kick of citrus from the grilled lime on the side of the plate. I'm particularly in love with the chick peas. They're still a little bitey on the outside but soft and texturally intriguing on the inside. The tahini yoghurt is like a dream. Tangy and creamy and just the perfect accompaniment one could hope for.

The Garden Fries with Aioli ($9) are a huge share item here at The Garden. And though they taste great, we're a bit disappointed that we're unable to finish the mountain before us. I love the presentation, the way the chips sit so simply in a newspaper lined bowl - though you can see the oil seeping through when you do get close to the bottom. The aioli is garlicy and creamy. It tastes really good and I'm quite content just picking away despite how filling it is.

We order the pizza special of the night ($22). It's a thin based creation with pumpkin, feta, rocket and pine nuts. It's crunchy to bite into and bang full of flavour. While it's not the best pumpkin pizza I've ever had (it's my go to topping order), it still hits the spot and fills any residual hunger that's lingering in my belly. The only real downfall here with this dish is the rather stingy portion of feta that's sprinkled on top. It's nowhere near enough and since it's one of my favourite ingredients in the world, that's a big no-no in my eyes.

The atmosphere at The Garden is one that is more social and party than intimate. Its a great spot for friends to catch up over a bite and a drink. The food quality has varied in different times I've gone down, but on this occasion it was pretty good.

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