All sugared up from Kustom Cupcakes, Lathlain

In my department at work we have a tradition we like to refer to as fatty Friday. While normally our breakfasts are fruit, yoghurt or granola during the week, on Fridays anything goes - and no one's allowed to judge you. It's the day that work always gets that little bit more stressful since you're about to lose a couple days before starting all over again (though yes of course we love Fridays because it means the weekend is here).

On this particular fatty Friday, I've trekked it down to Kustom Cupcakes in Lathlain to pick up some cupcakes for my team meeting at 10.30. The distance and location is actually a massive pain in the ass. I'm used to buying these from Frisk Espresso in Northbridge, which sadly informed me a few weeks back that they no longer onsell these for Kustom. It's disappointing because the Lathlain shop is situated on Orrong Road... aka hell to drive on road.

But forgetting the logistics of it all, I braved the "destructive winds" and wet weather, and entered the warm, sugary and oh so pink location that these cupcakes reside in. There's so many to choose from. So many interesting and delicious looking items to mull over as I pick what I hope my colleagues will like.

As always, the Ferrero chocolate cupcake is selected for the mix. It's a soft, spongey cupcake that has the tastes and textural elements of its namesake chocolate (which it is garnished with too).

The Cherry Ripe cupcake is one that I've bought as an extra to give Jeremy tonight. It's his favourite chocolate bar, so will be a nice treat for him after training. A dark cupcake base with coconut and a cherry ripe chunk sitting a top of the fluffy and sweet buttercream icing.

The Banana cupcake is a sky high pile of icing. It smells just like the lolly that sits atop it, and the cupcake itself is light and faintly vanilla. It's a reasonably new addition to their lineup but I have to say I like it.

Some cupcakes at Kustom are phenomenal. They're different to your normal breed of dessert item since they look so great. In some, like the cookie dough (bottom left below), you get a nice wad of an additional topping in the centre. Personally I'm a big fan of the Reeces Pieces cupcake (they didn't have any today wahhhhh), which has a delicious glob of peanut butter in the centre - surprise!

The reviews are varied for Kustom Cupcakes. I have had glorious tasting cupcakes where the base is soft and fluffy; but I've also had ones that are dry and not so great. The icing is a treat, but is incredibly sugary which means you can only have one (actually this is great from my stomach's point of view). In some where it's piled quite high, it can be a bit too much to handle, but if you love sugar, you'll love this.

One thing I don't like is that the cupcakes are kept in a cooled cabinet. It means that when you buy them, you shouldn't eat them straight away as they'll be dense and cold. Thankfully we didn't eat these until a few hours later, which meant they were just right!

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    1. No :( I don't think so! I know they do vegan ones but from what I've heard, they haven't yet produced gluten free. Hopefully one day!