Beautiful brunch at Trunk Diner, Melbourne

It's a wonderfully sunny day in Melbourne that Jeremy and I wake up to. It's also our first day of our holiday and we're pretty hungry.

Since we're staying at The Rydges on Exhibition Street we've gone for a well rated but cheap breakfast bar nearby known as Trunk Diner. It's an American inspired venue with an Italian restaurant with the same name behind.

We take a seat in the diner and soak up the sights around us. The layout is simple, the flooring concrete. There is a small bird inside jumping around near our feet as we sip our tangy orange juice and place our orders. We've both gone for a quesadilla. For me it's portabello mushrooms, roasted corn, fetta and fontina cheese ($10). For Jeremy, it's the chorizo, potato, thyme, oven baked tomato and cheese ($10).

Both are served on wooden trays that remind me of cafeteria dining and have a small lime wedge on side that definitely should be used to enhance the flavours of the meals.

His quesadilla is warming and luscious in its flavours. The chorizo has a mild spice kick to it and the cheese oozes out in a truly decadent fashion. It might look small, but he's making all the right noises to indicate he's happy with the taste and the serving.

My dish is fantastic. The mushrooms are soft and already sauteed before being inserted inside; the corn containing exciting pop as I bite down. The fetta and fontina cheese work so well, threaded around the other ingredients and clinging to the tortilla needily.

And that tortilla... well that's just plain enjoyableEnjo. It's crunchy on the outside and soft inside. It's marked with nice brown grill marks and houses our combinations of ingredients protectively. It's smart and modern cooking that is beyond what I expected from this little place.

I think I need to take advantage of their take away and open late philosophy next Melbourne visit since there's so many great sounding dishes on the menu. The hubcap and hot dogs are next in my line of site. My stomach's actually rumbling just thinking about it. Mmm-mmm. 

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