A taste of Greece at The Mez, Northbridge

On the corner of Northbridge, just before you enter the chaos that is the clubbing scene, sits The Mez.

Walk up the stairs and open the door, and you're greeted by intense Greek inspired aromas and a loud buzz of chatter and laughter. This place has a party atmosphere and the service staff are friendly and sweet. While the service is a little slower than our dinner the night before at Nobu, its made up for with smiles and prices worth appreciating. Oh yeah, and the serving sizes are HUGE. 

As always Jeremy and I decide to share our entrees, with each of us selecting one. 

He's gone for the saganaki prawns ($17) which we actually have no idea what they are. But thankfully they're delicious. A generous serving of prawns in a tomato base that packs a punch. The feta on top is a creamy different textural offering that is the complete opposite to the crunch of the seafood. I'm beginning to wish we'd ordered some bread to soak up that lovely sauce that sits in the bowl after we've completed. 

I've selected the three cheese and spinach filo parcels ($14). Flaky filo that crumbles and pulls apart as you eat it, with a very generous serving of spinach amidst the cheeses. It's very greek, and a nice start to our dinner.

Our mains take a little too long to get to us which is a shame because it's a later dining time for us than usual and we're hungry. The restaurant is very busy and it gets a little hard to chat because we're sitting next to a table of extremely drunk and boisterous men. But when our food comes, all is forgotten.

Jeremy's main is the pork souvlaki ($32.50) which is a feast. Skewers of tender marinated pork which have been char grilled and served with chunky fries, salad and a tzatziki sauce. I'm staring at it in utter shock at how big this thing is but that seems to prove a challenge he's willing to accept as he tucks in with gusto. This was actually meant to be my dish (thank you Jeremy for being so sweet and insisting we swap) but since my wisdom teeth are about to be pulled out in a few weeks, the meat proved too difficult after one bite. But boy was it a great bite. Very flavoursome and well seasoned meat that pulled apart with ease. The tzatziki was fresh and cooling to the palate.

My sea scallops ($32.50) were seared in a garlic and lemon butter sauce and served on the risotto of the day which was vegetable and herb. It is so generous, with more scallops on the plate than risotto (cue surprise). The flavours are unique and down to earth. Zingy from the lemon and the scallops are cooked so they're a little under in the middle - just the way they should be. And the risotto was packed full of herbs and soft carrots; the rice soaking up the butter sauce and becoming ever more delicious. It's a very different risotto than I'm used to, but I'm loving the intensive inclusion of the leafy and fresh herbs.

The Mez is humble, Greek cooking done with love. Somehow we managed to finish our meals (though it was a stretch!) and when it came down to paying for the bill, the waitress very kindly told me she wouldn't scratch off the panel on the back of my entertainment card so we could get the 25% discount again. Very smart business if you ask me.

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