10 July 2012

All you can eat at The Atrium, Burswood

For as long as I can remember Burswood to my hazy childhood days, the Atrium has been a wing of the Intercontinental hotel. While I'm sure it probably doesn't date back as far as I think, I can't remember a time going to Burswood and it not being there.

It's recent renovation in the last couple years has revamped and relifted the idea of buffet in Perth. It's taken the idea of 'all you can eat' to something that is not just for people who want to get more bang for their buck. It's for those who want the pleasure of eating oysters and sashimi without worrying how much the bill is going to be. For those who do need more than one plate of curry or pasta or roast meat before they're full.

Since reopening its doors I've been to the Atrium more times than I could count (thank you Entertainment Card and Priority Priviledge). As a person who is definitely contributing to the probable endangerment of oysters, I appreciate that when I go here, there is a trough (yes I am calling myself a pig) of these shucked and awaiting on ice for me.

They're basically calling out my name.

Depending what night you go the oysters range from not so bad (somewhat gritty) to damn good. On this night in question they weren't at the highest peak, but they weren't far off. They're creamy and slightly salty; cut through perfectly with a nice squeeze of lemon.

The salmon and tuna sashimi also on my first plate is fresh and of decent size. This combination of food is always my starting point here. Especially because the Atrium's wasabi is a lot hotter than most places I try (and that includes Japanese restaurants).

The sushi here is not bad. Not great either though. It's usually a bit hard or cold but the taste is still there and the selection is more than decent.

When you walk around this place there is so much food to the naked eye. On the left side you have assorted roast vegetables and meats, to a fresh made pasta section which creates the pasta dish to your specifications. Next to that is usually two blocks of different roast meats, carved up on request and garnished with different sauces. From there you go to soup country where there is mountains of bread rolls and butter, and at least two different soups on offer. My favourite here is their mushroom soup. Definitely a winner.

After that you get the section I devote a great deal of time to. Asian meats. Think tandoori chicken and char sui and best of all, roast duck. I tend to load up my plate here with several compiled peking duck pancakes laden with spring onions and that delicious sauce.

From there the Asian delights continue with dim sum and curries, fried rice, noodles and the select Asian dish such as honey fish or sweet and sour. But since I'm half Taiwanese, it doesn't quite cut to the family standard so I tend to focus my attention on the before mentioned duck in this area.

In the middle of the buffet sits a square of seafood. This includes some of the best cold prawns in shell I've eaten anywhere. They're large and plentiful and you can ask for a finger bowl because who really bothers with cutlery when you're pealing these guys to eat.

There's also cold meats and cheeses, smoked salmon and a great caesar salad (very yummy). Pretty much this international buffet does what it can to please all or most tastes.

I think the part of this place that impresses most people though, is the dessert buffet.

Selection of desserts

A separate section of cakes and mousses, hot waffles and cold rock reminiscent ice cream and sorbets. There's lollies and marshmallows, a chocolate fountain and even dripping honeycomb. It is literally like being a kid in a candy store. Particular items requiring a mention from this night in question are the pavlova (last time I went the sugar hadn't dissolved properly but they seem to have fixed that issue), the black forrest cake and the creme caramel. Mmm-mmm.

And then to finish it all off, a nice bowl of lemon and mixed berries sorbet to cleanse the palate. Just in time now for us to pay a very reasonable ($60 or $48 with our entertainment cards) and go to see Wayne Brady. Sounds like a great night to me and my full belly of oysters.

For more information about The Atrium visit them on their website.

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