A date night of Snags & Sons, Leederville

Things come in waves. Or trends, fads or whatever you'd like to refer to them as. There's always a changing rotation of hotspots with a specific focus on the cuisine type.

Recently we've had burgers and frozen yoghurt and enough macarons to build a house. It was easy to predict that hot dogs would be on the list eventually. I've tried Run Amuck so it seemed only right that I make my way to Leederville's offering, Snags and Sons. 
First off, this place is cheap! I hope that doesn't tarnish your opinion of it too much but really after an expensive weekend of dining out, a meal for less than $10 is a definite winner in my eyes.

Normally this place is completely packed to the point of not getting a seat, so it was a good tactic to head down here on the public holiday night. 

Jeremy and I managed to grab one of the tables outside which are basically like a big keg with some high stools around them. Very funky and suited to the decor inside which has this really hearty rustic appeal. Love the exposed brick on the counter facing wall. 

We decided to share a side to start off with - a soft oven baked potato which had mounds of intensely flavoured swiss cheese, sweet candied bacon, sour cream and spring onions ($6). Overall it wasn't a bad dish, though in my opinion it could have used a bit more sour cream and spring onions and less cheese. But the potato was cooked well and there was a nice array of flavours and textures. 

Our hot dogs came around the same time. Jeremy ordered an Italian Salsicce ($9) which was a free range Linley Valley pork sausage in a baguette with mozzarella cheese, pesto, rocket and pepperonatta. 

The pork sausage had a nice snap to it and the bread was fresh and crusty. There was an abundance of gooey melted cheese and a slightly salty pesto sauce. Jeremy did say that he wished that there was something a bit sweeter inside like a relish or chutney, but overall it was a great dish for a cheap price.

My hot dog was the North African Lamb ($9) which had harissa yoghurt, red peppers, honey and rocket on a fresh baguette. The sausage was Amelia Park lamb and had a lovely blend of spices inside that had a bit of kick to them. A nice dish for sure, though the rocket was a bit stingy in the serving and I would have loved some more sauce slathered over the top. I am a sucker for condiments!

All up though the ingredients were fresh, decor and staff pleasing and it was a great range of food for an appealing price.

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