Cozy cafe cornbread at Mrs S, Maylands

I finally made it to Mrs S. Let's just reflect on that fact for a moment because I'm actually quite pleased that I got to try this breakfast hotspot that's blowing up the blogosphere at the moment. Situated in Maylands this cute and cozy little cafe is a place I'd expect to see in Melbourne. It's a small place it has enough seating inside and out to cater for a semi decent number of patrons at a time.

When we arrived we expected to be waiting for ages for our group of three - my boyfriend Jeremy and my good friend Linda. However somehow we managed to be propelled past the other waiting couples and groups because of our size. Just enough to fit down the end of a nearly full breakfast bench in the middle of the establishment.

This place is a mishmash of utter kitchness - menus pegged to the inside of storybooks and a drinks menu on a blackboard that is surrounded by stickers that seem to be paying homage to Beatrice Potter. Theres something truly nostalgic and homely about this place. The decor is a bit of this and that but overall tells a story and welcomes you with open arms.

The smells are incredible that waft under your nose as others around you are delivered their food. It didn't take us long before we made our choices.

Linda and I opted for the same dish after both being tempted by the delicious description. It was two slices of dense cornbread with two poached eggs on top, generous serving of bacon and some spinach leaves surrounding. On top was a small drizzle of maple syrup.

Great dish. Really different to what you normally see on breakfast menus. The cornbread actually was like something a grandma would cook you; crumbly and soft with actual sweet corn kernels inside. It was however incredibly heavy and filling. I soon discovered that I would not be able to stomach one of the cute lemon curd cakes in the counter that I had been eying.

One of my eggs was slightly over poached which meant the yolk wasn't the perfect runny liquid gold I would normally prefer. But the other was on the money and the silkiness of that centre coated the cornbread snugly. The bacon was plentiful - cooked right but not crispy which I find myself craving with breakfast. It was the right amount of salt to cut through the rich sweetness of the dish as a whole.

Washed down with a freshly squeezed orange juice I found this a highly satisfying and ridiculously filling dish. Thank god towards the end I swapped with Jeremy so we could have a taste of each other's food. This is our normal habit which we think gives us the best of both worlds.

He'd ordered a dish which I think was probably one of the best breakfast meals I've ever tried. A mixture of mushrooms grilled to the point where they were still firm but soft at the same time. They sat upon a bed of spinach leaves and a crispy polenta bed. Over the top was a slab of cheese which was reminiscent of Camembert and as a final textural and flavour element, crushed macadamia nuts were scattered.

Smart cooking whoever chose this dish for the menu here. The cheese was creamy and decadent; the nuts giving off a satisfying crunch. The spinach was fresh as were the abundance of mushrooms. And the polenta was one of the best I've had. It was the sort of dish that had me pushing past my full stomach's protestations because the taste was just too wonderfully intense. It popped with flavour; crackled with all kinds of textures. It was light and delicious and the sort of meal I would definitely go back for.

When Jeremy and I eat out together we always taste one anothers meals to declare a winner for the day. I'm happy to say that more often than not I am the crowned victor. But today, that point when to him. It definitely did.

I think Mrs S is a place that anyone who loves breakfast with a difference should try. It's not too overpriced nor over the top in its menu selection. Instead it offers just a few dishes, that all look and sound diversely amazing. It's a place that holds you in its arms and warms you from within. A place that is fascinating to be inside and to view. A really nice way to start off my Sunday morning with two people that I adore.

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