28 June 2012

It's just Jus Burgers, Northbridge

There are a couple things I really like about Jus Burgers. It's a fresh place with exposed brick painted with funky drawing like murals. The walls are slathered in posters of gigs or venues nearby and the blackboards inside tell you all about how the policy here is fresh food first with nothing frozen. Its gourmet burgers without being over the top or ostentatious. A different world to Grill'd where the focus is on being healthy, here its all about taste.

Taking advantage of the strangely sunny weather this winter's day, Taryn and I took a walk from work down to this Northbridge branch, soaking up the sunshine even though the temperature of the air itself was a bit too cold for our liking. 

We sat outside, Taryn choosing an original beef burger has her meal. Its a Western Australian Amelia Park beef patty (MSA approved, hormone-free) that is char grilled and tender to eat ($11). It sits inside a toasted turkish bun with home made aioli and relish, spanish onion, tomato and lettuce. 

She's making all the right noises of approval as she eats, declaring it delicious and a nice meal to break up the working day. It smells great. I especially like the char makings around the edges of the bun and the knife stuck in the middle to hold it all together. 

Original beef burger

Since I wasn't overly hungry I went for a burger only, though the onion rings ($5) were calling out to me. I've had them in the past and they're some of the best onion rings I've managed to wrap my lips around. Crunchy and generous and oh so bad for you. The best kind of sinful food. 

My burger was the pumpkin - one I tend to find myself drawn to often. Roasted panko crumbed pumpkin patty sits in the middle. Sweet and crunchy; the pumpkin inside is cooked so it isn't soggy and retains some bite while being soft enough to eat. 

The salad inside is fresh and plentiful, the goat's cheese creamy and calls out to my obsession with cheese. And the basil pesto is the ideal accompaniment to the cocktail of flavours. 

Pumpkin burger

It's a generous serving for a burger; a bit too big for me on this occasion. But boy does it taste great. The right amount of texture combinations and flavour profiles. 

There's not really much more I can say. If you like a good burger, you'll like this place. I know I'll be back soon so I can get my hands on those onion rings once more.

For more information about Jus Burgers visit them on their website or view their menu online.

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