18 December 2014

A Thai explosion of flavour at Nunam, Perth

If there's one cuisine I feel like I don't dine out for enough I'd have to say it'd be Thai. Don't get me wrong, I'm a huge fan of this country's food but it seems that there's not many places that have caught my eye to eat there. One place I have been meaning to try though is Nunam on Bulwer Street in Perth. Formerly known as Nahm Thai, this esteemed restaurant has won multiple awards and everyone I've spoken to has raved about it. And so when an Urbanspoon offer came out for 50% off of the food bill, it felt like the natural move for me to excitedly book a table. It seemed like fate!

17 December 2014

A tasty thyme machine at The Standard, Northbridge

I think it's pretty obvious if I say that I love my food. But it's not just a truth I live, it's an obsession I am more than aware of. My mind is occupied by food for way too many hours in the day, and whenever I'm not eating, I'm thinking about things I have eaten, or what is next for me to devour. High on that list is new bar and kitchen in Northbridge, The Standard, which I actually visited one night recently for dessert after munching my way through a big bowl of pasta at Francoforte with my girls. It impressed us so much that my best friend Vee and I found time to come back a couple of week's later for dinner and drinks.

14 December 2014

The rise of pretty plating at Little Bird Cafe, Northbridge

I am loving this new wave of breakfast places popping up throughout our beautiful Perth that have a focus on delivering both flavour and aesthetically pleasing dishes. While some people might find the whole edible flower and micro herb craze unnecessary, I really find that I eat with all my senses so dishes that present well really excite me. So naturally when I saw multiple images of a place called the Little Bird Cafe in Northbridge, it jumped straight to the top of my wishlist of breakfast spots. 

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