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04-04 Harvest Espresso 06

A taste of Autumn at Harvest Espresso

The changing of seasons signifies the refreshment of many menus throughout Perth, which is something I’m truly responsive to. Much like an Autumn tree shedding its leaves, menu pages are abandoned, with new seasonal dishes announcing their presence and…

16-04 Saint Larry 11

Saint Larry, patron of cooks and librarians

It’s no secret I’m a big fan of The Standard. John Parker’s resident Northbridge venue is bright, airy and with Chef Chase Weber at the helm is producing some seriously delicious bites. So when they opened Halford Bar –…

31-03 Neal Jackson Dinner 07

Neal Jackson’s Booze, Bites and Blues at Lot Twenty

From the time I was a child growing up, to an adult discovering a delightful obsession with food, Jacksons Restaurant in Highgate was synonymous with fine dining. Old world and yet progressive at the same time, my mum always…

19-04 Manuka 22

Tasting the nectar of Manuka’s Woodfire Kitchen

It’s no secret I dine out often, and seek to try new places whenever possible. But I still have my favourites; places that blow me away that I go back to time and time again… and then when I find…

28-03 Nasi Lemak Korner 06

Trying Perth’s newest Malaysian spot Nasi Lemak Korner

When it comes to dining options on long weekend, I often feel like it’s an overwhelming process. So many places close, while others that I can never get to during the week open their doors to welcome in loyal…

18-03 Qantas Epiqure 36

An epicurious visit to Vasse Felix with Qantas

It all started on a hot, hot night. I was out and about (eating of course) when I received a text from my good friend Laura asking if I could take that Friday off work. When I sent a message back…

24-03 Stimulatte 10

Stimulating company and lattes at Stimulatte

The onset of a long weekend makes everyone (if you’re anything like me) giddy and full of excitement over the idea of eating, drinking, extra sleeping and catching up with friends. With Easter only a day away, my friends…

06-03 Kazoomies 11

Seaside North African cuisine at Kazoomies

Hi I’m Kristy. I like my egg yolks runny. My flavours dialled all the way up. And my food designed to share.  From this criteria springs forth a natural affinity with Kazoomies, a small market stall at the E-Shed…