21 September 2014

Getting Food Loose and fancy free, Perth

Whenever I'm travelling overseas I'm a big fan of on foot exploration and trying out local cuisines rather than those built for tourists or the masses. I often meet people who have the same approach as me, which leads me to ask the question - why don't we do the same thing here in Perth? Well one company is doing just that. Food Loose Tours offers attendees a different view of our fair city, with the opportunity to have a progressive dining experience with a group of equally inquisitive individuals. 

If the above sounds of interest to you I highly recommend you stop reading here and visit their website for more information. Below is a recap of my first taste of Food Loose Tours, but part of what made it such a fun day was never knowing what came next. It was pleasant surprise after pleasant surprise with eight different food destinations, handy tips and facts along the way. Reader beware, there's definitely some spoilers to come...

18 September 2014

Going from one office to The Other Office, Osborne Park

When it comes to working in Osborne Park, your lunch options are pretty limited. Sure there's the sushi van and an Aroma Cafe, but outside of that it's usually better just to bring your lunch from home. Thankfully there's one little ray of sunshine within walking distance from my work called The Other Office. 

Bright, airy and actually quite beautiful it's a welcome breath of fresh air for this area. They offer a simple menu - salads, sandwiches, burgers and some different options like lemon chicken peri peri salad and coriander crab cakes. 

14 September 2014

A taste of Italy by the sea at Il Lido, Cottesloe

Warming weather, sunshine and sea breeze. Yes, spring in Perth is absolutely gorgeous. On days like these I feel like I need to get out of the house, even though it's tempting to stay in and relax since it's the weekend. 

Taking advantage of the warm afternoon I invited my mum to go out for an early dinner down at Il Lido in Cottesloe. I love spending time with my mum - she's hilarious and loves her food more than me. She's also a great cook so I'm constantly picking her brain for tips and recipes.
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