30 September 2014

Delizioso dining at L'Enoteca, Victoria Park

Italian food was one of the first cuisines I learned how to cook, which means it's not one I dine out for often. I'm not an expert by any means, but I do find it hard to find truly exceptional Italian restaurants n Perth. Sure, you have Prego, Lalla Rookh and even the cheap and cheerful Francoforte. But I'm always on the hunt for a new great Italian restaurant to try. 

Recently I decided to pay a visit to one that I've been wanting to try for some time to satisfy what is an always present pasta craving. Situated down the city end of Albany Highway, L'Enoteca is dimly lit, intimate restaurant that boasts a wide range of wines and authentic Italian cooking.

29 September 2014

An Asian Parisian experience at Le Vietnam, Perth

A few years ago I went on an epic Asian adventure with one of my closest friends, Linda. Seven countries in under a month made for a non-stop roller coaster of sight seeing, shopping and of course, eating. Before I left I'd always had an interest in Vietnamese cuisine, but after eating bánh mì roadside in Ho Chi Minh I became a little obsessed. And it's been hard to find something that lives up to that incredibly authentic experience. Even now I still think about that hot summer's day where a local townswoman assembled my baguette with her bare hands. That sweet pickle, the flavoursome meat and the perfect bun - it all made such an impact on me. 

Chatting to fellow food blogger, The Skinny, when joining him on his Food Loose Tours day outing recently he mentioned a new cafe that had opened in the city called Le Vietnam which focussed purely on bánh mì  Mentioning this to my boy, he immediately agreed we needed to give it a try. 

28 September 2014

A late night sweet escape to Superstar Waffles, Northbridge

There's something kind of great about dessert restaurants. Only a few years ago we really didn't have many options save for a couple different ice-cream chains. Now we have the likes of San Churros, Theobroma, Koko Black and the Northbridge cult hit, Superstar Waffles.

Recently Jeremy had a dinner with his friends but having work the next day didn't stick around long for the after drinks. So when he came home we decided we'd go out for dessert at Superstar Waffles.

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