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09-06 Halford 11

Chasing the green fairy at Halford Bar

Nine times out of ten when I’m out having dinner in town and want to end the night with a cheeky tipple, Halford Bar is the destination. Located in the State Buildings at Cathedral Square, it’s down a flight…

05-06 Authentic Bites 09

Feasting on homemade dumplings at Authentic Bites

Whenever I talk to people, it’s no surprise that often the conversation drifts into food territory. Of delicious breakfasts, decadent desserts and cheesy, beefy burgers. But there’s one area I often struggle to reference regarding Perth restaurants, and that’s…

28-05 Grindhouse WAAPA 11

WAAPA is the new whopper at Grindhouse

Okay I’m going to be completely honest with you… I have a bit of a soft spot for a whopper with cheese. As much as I love home cooking, or restaurant dishes made from chefs or cooks with a…

20-05 Perth's Longest Lunch 19

Dining at Perth’s Longest Lunch for Brightwater

On Friday 20 May, Brightwater Care Group hosted their second ever Perth’s longest lunch at Crown Burswood. Created as a business networking opportunity that sought to raise much needed funds for Brightwater, 840 individuals attended the event and enjoyed…

11-05 Five Bar 04

Feasting on the new menu at Five Bar

Brrr baby it’s getting cold outside! But between you and me, I actually don’t mind – I have a bit of a weak spot for winter. I love rugging up on the couch, layering on scarves and jackets, and of…

16-04 POPdining Impact 12

Inspiration with a view at POPdining Impact

I think we all love to hear stories of success, of adversity that leads to triumph, and especially when they’re tales from our own backyard. Australia, and in particular our own little slice of land WA has some truly…

29-04 Taste of Perth 02

Eating, exploring and judging at Taste of Perth

Taste of Perth is one of our city’s most exciting events, hosted annually down at Langley Park where it’s nestled between a picturesque view of the Perth skyline and the Swan River. It brings together some of our state’s…

23-04 Alfreds Pizzeria 18

Dining with a gangster at Alfred’s Pizzeria

Have you met Alfred? He’s an American-Italian gangster who likes pizza, rock’n’roll and cocktails… sounds like a rather intimidating but fun guy. And while this elusive character might not ever actually show his face in public, there’s a new…