28 October 2014

East meets west on a breakfast plate at Smuggled Seeds Espresso, Leederville

There's something a little intoxicating about discovering a new eating spot. For me, this feeling resonates after visiting Oxford Street's hidden gem, Smuggled Seeds Espresso. While I didn't so much discover it as found out about it from fellow blogger WenY's visit earlier this year. When reading his post I'd made a promise to myself to go there but then somehow managed to forget all about it until my boy's birthday weekend approached and I was brainstorming venues to take him for breakfast. 

Snails, sweets and a slice of Paris at P'tite Ardoise Bistro, Northbridge

Birthdays are the perfect excuse (when you need one) to indulge in a delicious meal or two in my opinion. When it comes to my boy's special day I tend to brainstorm for weeks on what location to book. This year I had a few restaurants in mind but there was one that proved the strong contender - P'tite Ardoise Bistro in Northbridge. 

We've actually been there before together two years ago and still talk about it to this day. We've tried a couple times to return but never quite made it back. So it definitely seemed like the perfect choice for a romantic night out with my boy as we led into his birthday weekend. While I would have preferred to be out on his actual birthday he had a night shift for work so the Friday night was ours instead. 

25 October 2014

Bright light and sea breeze at Hardware Store Cafe, Scarborough

I love going out for breakfast but sometimes I find myself feeling lazy at the thought of having to line up and wait it out with hoards of fellow brekkyphiles. As the weather starts warming up though it becomes the perfect time to start venturing out again in the mornings and enjoy a meal out. 

There's a long list of places that sit on my dining wish list, and one of those is the Hardware Store Cafe in Scarborough. I got my chance one Friday morning before work when my best friend Carly and I caught up for a quick bite there.
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