25 October 2014

A porcelain menu at Silks, Burswood

When people think of fine dining, I doubt for many such a reference is synonymous with Chinese cuisine. I don't necessarily subscribe to such a school of thought after having dined at Michelin star restaurants in Hong Kong and experienced first hand just how phenomenally exquisite high end Chinese food can be. 

Here in Perth most Chinese restaurants sit in the low to mid-range of dining but there are a couple fine dining options that are available to try. One of those is the recently one year old Silks restaurant at Crown Casino which I've been meaning to visit but hadn't yet found the right time. Until now that is. 

19 October 2014

Spring has sprung at Harvest Espresso, Victoria Park

A few weeks ago I attended one of Twigged by Tali's flower classes which she hosts at Rochelle Adonis. I'm a huge fan of all things aesthetically pleasing - food, flowers, clothes and so on, so these classes are right up my alley. I've gone to a few, but this particular one called Table Styling was a celebration of all things springtime. We went around the table, each of us announcing what we love most about this season. I had my answer all ready - it's all about the beautiful produce. But it turns out I wasn't alone, the lovely head chef from Mrs S was actually sitting next to me and said the exact same thing. I guess foodies always have the one thing on their mind! 

Part of being excited about the spring produce on offer is a dedication to trying new seasonal menus that are popping up around Perth. I so love restaurants and cafes that change up their offering depending on seasonality, and if it impresses me one time, I often find myself back every turn of season to try what's out next. 

Seasonal scintillations at West End Deli, North Perth

Low lights. Warm interior. Great ambiance. And a neighbourhood vibe. West End Deli is intimate, sweet and an unsuspectingly blend of modern and rustic on the inside. I've only been for breakfast once before, and never for dinner - though I've heard good things. I mean what do you expect when you have the former head chef of Duende, Il Lido and Verve heading up the kitchen!

My breakfast at West End Deli was a mixed bag. My crepes were tasty but tiny, Jeremy's omelette generous but the crab topping sparse. Flavour wise we'd really enjoyed it but it hadn't quite made the impact that other breakfast places at the same time had. And then time flew by and I realised that while I had fully intended to go back and try it again, I still hadn't made it down. 
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