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16-07 Nic and Kolo 06

A wintery brunch and dinner at Nic and Kolo

For me, rainy days elicit no feeling of melancholy. Instead, there’s something a little blissful (and wistful) about them. Of being rugged up with scarves and boots and knits. Of nights in on the couch with Jeremy and our…

Oishii Ramen

Broth to warm my bones at Oishii Ramen

Things have felt pretty crazy lately… I guess that’s adult life for you! While my weeknights tend to usually be social, catching up with friends or chowing down at different food events – but lately, it’s been work, work,…

Mason and Bird

Into the hills for Mason & Bird

Back when I was in my early twenties, I used to drive everywhere and anywhere. This included trekking out to Kalamunda to get my hair done (back before my salon Pierrots opened another branch in Mount Lawley), though sadly…

Filos & Yiros

The opening of Filos & Yiros

Since opening in 2014, Brika has become one of Perth’s favourite Greek dining destinations. But while nighttimes there are best spent over plates of meze, with hands ripping chunks of pita to dunk in dips, or wrap around grilled…

Bad Apples Bar

Good bites at Bad Apples Bar

Winters in Perth are a mixed bag of weather options. Rainy, stormy days are inter spliced with crispy yet sunny occasions that make you feel like summer isn’t far away at all. With a recent Sunday graced by this…

Chef Hire

Learning modern cooking techniques at Chefhire Atelier

Remember the good old days when cooking consisted of some grilled steak with three different veggies on the side? Well not taking anything away from those simplistic times (hey, I love a good steak dinner still), these days more…


A progressive truffle dinner at Crown

Truffle season is easily one of the times of the year I look forward to most. From my annual trip down south with the girls for Truffle Kerfuffle, to adding on thin slices of black gold onto my dishes…

Park & Vine

From farm to City Beach at Park & Vine

Established by industry professionals and husband wife duo Paulette and John Contessi in the heart of City Beach suburbia, Park & Vine is a welcome addition to the cafe and restaurant offering north of the river (outside of the city hub).…