23 November 2014

A long table dinner at The Naked Fig, Swanborne

Summer is fast approaching, and with the changing of seasons comes beautiful sunsets and vivid colours filling our skies. We're so fortunate in WA to live in such an incredible state, with beaches close by, clear weather most days and opportunities galore. Every time I feel like life is getting too much, or I'm feeling overwhelmed, I just remind myself how lucky I really have it. This is definitely something I was thinking about as I looked out at the setting sun over the water at Swanborne, taking a moment before heading inside to The Naked Fig - our dinner venue for the evening.

22 November 2014

Recipe: Corn and zucchini pancakes

This year I've really thrown myself into upskilling in the cooking department. I have to admit, it was only a few years ago that the only thing I could really make well was quiche. But with some dedication and a lot of trial and error, I've started to find my own style in the kitchen. I like to focus on fresh produce, seasonality and ideally I'll spend my time sourcing local ingredients at farmer's markets.

18 November 2014

Celebrations and meaty fun at Public House and Old Faithful, Perth

The past couple of weeks have been pretty manic for me in terms of balancing work, life and blogging. There seems to have been a constant stream of foodie events too - most of which have been too good to miss so it meant that I've been out a little more than I would normally like. And to my boy's credit, he's been the perfect date, happily attending even though I know he'd probably prefer to be at home studying for his upcoming exams. 

After two nights out in a week already, night number three was one that I'd promised him we'd make a quick event out of if possible. The destination - Public House - to celebrate the venue's first birthday. How time flies!
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